Chapter 1 to 6

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps in the following paragraph with one or two words.
Zoé goes to on a school exchange trip. Nicky, her penpal, likes to ride , draw, and eat eggs and sausages in the . She has a secret: she teaches to migrants during her free time. It is during these classes that she met and befriended , who comes from Syria. Nicky's parents, Tim and Daphne, are Doctor Who and have been picked as extras on the show. They are so excited because the will be there. The next day, the girls go to the and ride the Ghost Train – Nicky finds it . Then, Zoé's is revealed: she and she proves it by finding a strange object. They ask Jamal for his help to identify the object: it is dangerous and contains a biohazardous substance. They hide the object in the . The next morning the girls have breakfast with Nicky's parents and talk about the from the episode in which they play extras.